Case Studies

CLIENT: International Investor
TOPIC: Investment in a Chinese battery company

As demand grows for electric vehicles, so does demand for innovative battery technology. Some of the most enterprising companies in this sector are in China, though investing in them can be complicated due to the opaque nature of Chinese business practice and the ever present threat of state intervention. We thoroughly reviewed a large Chinese battery company for an investor client. We performed a deep dive on its management, overall reputation, viability of it technology and flagged up some possible risks. The client proceeded with the investment and it has been very successful.

CLIENT: International Private Equity Company
TOPIC: Analysis of a large Japanese technology deal

Japanese technology companies are now opening up to foreign investment participation. We worked for one large PE company who wanted to take significant share in an important Japanese semiconductor business. Talks had been taking place for over a year, but there was disagreement over the price and other structural matters. We spoke to people close to the Japanese semiconductor company to get an alternative take on how to break the impasse, while remaining fully compliant with our client’s legal and market obligations. Our information certainly helped them close the deal successfully in the end.

CLIENT: US Private Equity
TOPIC: US Healthcare technology company

A large New-York based private equity company was contemplating an investment in a US healthcare technology company based in California. This company had developed new diagnostic technology for cervical cancer screening and had received some impressive accolades. Our client wanted to make a major investment in this company and asked us for a well-sourced independent review of track record, reputation and management dynamics. The CEO was very attached to the business and our client was unsure how he’d react to the presence of an external investor. In the end the investment proceeded and the healthcare company has gone from strength to strength.

TOPIC: Investment in a European online payments business

Our client, a global financial services company, was considering taking a stake in a Switzerland-based online payments company. The company had been successful and was steadily increasing its market share. The client was happy with the company’s management but wanted an independent take on where the online payments market was heading and whether this company’s technology/business model was sufficiently robust. We used our network to speak to over 20 people with good knowledge of the company and the payments market in general, and provided our client with some unique views. We shed light on several issues not previously considered. The investment proceeded successfully.