Our team has been involved in many of the main governmental and industrial developments in the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

Examples of recent work, includes:


  • Acquisition support in civil aerospace systems sector
  • Disposal options for international aerospace business


  • Business winning strategies for UK campaigns (air, maritime and information systems)
  • Strategic facilitation of multinational government/industry transformation programme
  • Intelligence on overseas market opportunities – particularly the Gulf


  • A review of opportunities in the international cyber security market
  • M&A opportunities in the international ISR market
  • A review of ISR requirements in the Gulf, Korea and Malaysia


  • Country risk analysis and political positioning for oil & gas major
  • Renewable energy opportunities in Latin America
  • Diligence on African energy companies


  • Review of particular tobacco related M&A opportunities in Africa & Asia
  • Diligence on selected European FMCG companies with M&A in mind
  • Competitor strategies in the international beverage alcohol business


  • Global growth plans of a biotech company and challenge is increased competition and regulatory scrutiny


  • Agricultural investment opportunities and potential problems in Colombia & Argentina
  • Better use of ‘big data’ in adjudicating agricultural investment


  • Views of EU and UK authorities towards certain corporate mergers
  • Regulatory prospects for certain industries in the US

Financial Services

  • Motivations of certain activist investors in particular companies
  • Regulatory prospects for certain industries in the US


  • Assessment of macro political and market dynamics around a healthcare investment, including the selection of a JV partner

Cyber Security

  • Review and refinement of Secure Operations Centre (SOC) procedures and capabilities for UK bank
  • Advice on areas of cyber-compliance, under both UK and EU law for large UK company