Strategic Resilience & Communications Support

Strategic Resilience & Communications Support

In the last two decades the nature of crises has changed, but this has yet to be fully recognised. It used to be sufficient to have a resilience plan that every so often would be exercised, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. This is no longer good enough. A modern crisis, whether terrorist, accident or natural disaster develops at a speed that would be inconceivable just a few years ago. It invariably impacts the whole business including supply chains, ICT and the reputation of management.

Global communications bring events to the public’s attention within moments, and social media can actually shape the course of events. The range of interdependencies in 21st century life adds layers of complexity and uncertainty that simply cannot be predicted, even when using sophisticated scenario planning and modelling. Our aim is to simplify the process of assessing and responding to crises through a tailored communications approach.

Scenario Planning

On a typical assignment, GMTL works with the client in identifying relevant scenarios and examples of best practice.

Intelligence Input

GMTL uses its intelligence network to adjudicate specific risks as well as assess appropriate mitigation strategies based on competitor and other relevant practices.

Communications Support

We will draw up a communications programme to help clients convey their message in the media, business and political landscape. We help clients take charge of their own media handling and win support from those who matter. In addition we consider operational effectiveness, cultural change and legal redress.